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Circus artist

Where Passion Meets Performance

Everyone has heard the saying "running away and joining the circus". But what if your parents are the ones in the circus? Lilyclaire had the chance to grow up surrounded by amazing circus artists who inspired her to eventually become one too. Already a seasoned performer at the age of 10, Lilyclaire began competitive trampoline, which eventually led her to become national champion in the 2016 Canadian Championships and making the national team. After 7 years of being in the competitive world, Lilyclaire felt the pull of show business and found a way to bring her abilities into performing via teeterboard.  She fell in love with this intense and thrilling experience. The complicity that her and her partner share allows them to express themselves and connect with the audience.

She pursued her training at the world renowned National Circus School in Montréal and graduated with the worlds first all female teeterboard act.

She developed an affinity for German Wheel and created a fluid, playful and skilful routine to add to her repertoire.

She is a charismatic strong performer and is able to bring great comedic physicality when needed. 

She is creative, continually improving and always looking forward.

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